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Please ensure you are within our service area.

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How to hire our team

We like to serve every client as best as we can. To do that we have to make sure you are a good fit! Please follow the steps below to start the process of hiring our team.

1. Contact us

Call or email our team to set up an initial phone call so we can make sure you are in our Service Area and that your pet is a good fit for our team.

2. meet and greet

If we click and are a good fit, we will schedule an in person meet and greet with you with two team members! At the meet and greet we go over all your pets needs and take detailed notes as well as review the process of getting on board.

3. client profile

After your meet and greet is done our team will set up a profile for you on TimeToPet, the software we use to schedule! This will send you an activation email, and from there you can get your schedule set up. If you wish to be a recurring client, our team will set up a weekly schedule for you and make adjustments every Friday when needed!

Please note we charge all services up front

Or call us at 252-52HAPPY

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click here or email ruth for all other inquiries and employment opportunities.

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