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All Pets Welcome!

Our mission is to give you peace of mind by providing your pet personalized care and enrichment during the week.

Monday - Friday

Visits, Walks, & Training

Whether you’ve got a dog, cat, fish, rabbit, snake… we’ll take care of it. We are passionate about bringing personalized, professional pet care directly to your home during the week.

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Pet Walking

From structured walks, to pack walks on a trail, and specialized field trips, our walking services have everything your pet needs to have a happy, active, and fulfilled life. Plus our team will make sure your pet has all the food, water, and attention needed!

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Work with Chris Lopez CPDT-KA, our Certified Dog Trainer, to plan M-F training services that will get your pup set up for success.  We use and advocate for positive reinforcement and scientific methods in all our services, including training.

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Pet Visits

If you're working long hours or are gone during the week, we'll be there to make sure your pet is happy and cared for! We can clean litter boxes, refresh food and water, scoop yards, and snuggle! We're like the "fun aunt" who stops by for a visit during the day!


"I am a veterinarian and feel confident referring my client to them because they will treat your pet like their own."

Maggie H.

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Compassion is what we do.

Whatever your pet needs during the week- whether it's a structured walk, supervised play, intense exercise, one-on-one training, we're happy to help. By approaching all services through the lens of physical and behavioral health, our goal is to help your pet get fulfillment in ways tailored to them as an individual, while helping you grow the bond you have with your pet with love, trust, and compassion.


Anyone who works with Happy Tails is Pet CPR & First Aid trained, and we pride ourselves in going above and beyond to keep an eye on your pet’s health and happiness while they’re in our care.


With full insurance coverage and comprehensive reports including GPS tracking and lots of cute pictures, you can trust that you’ve got the best team on your side when you join our Happy Tails Family!

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Happy tails gives back

We regularly support multiple local organizations that give back to those in need. For more information on local businesses and nonprofits you can support, visit our resource page! We have compiled a master list all pet parents need to know about.

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Serving Baldwin Park, Mills 50, Colonial Town, and More

If we could fit all Orlando pets in our daily schedules, we would! But in order to make sure we can meet all our clients in a timely manner, we must keep our service range tight. Right now we can meet most clients in the area highlighted on the map below. However, exceptions can be made in some circumstances! Let us know where you're located, and we'll tell you if we can fit you in our route. If you are located outside of our range, we may need to charge $0.50 per round trip mile to help cover our travel costs.

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Fun Tips & Dog Tricks

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