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How can we serve you?

Each service comes with a detailed custom report with GPS and time tracking, thorough notes, and pictures sent directly to you via our app!

Pet Walking & Sitting

Ask about our Member Rates! When you book three or more visits a week, or weekly recurring longer services,​ you'll qualify for our discounted frequency rate for visits. Ready to book with us? Contact Us


visits & walks

We will make sure your pet has all the food, water, and attention needed! We'll ensure your pet's health and safety while they play or walk for the duration of your request. The length of the visit will depend on how many pets you have and the level of care required.

Short (20 mins) - $16

Medium (40 mins) - $32

Long (60 mins) - $48

*Bulk discounts are available when you book 3 or more visits a week.

happy pack play date

We’ll pair your pup with some of their best pals at Happy Tails and take them to Lake Druid Park to run and play! With two Happy Tails team members present, they’ll be able to stay safe and really have fun in the park. They’ll come home tuckered out and fulfilled, leaving you to be able to focus on your work for the rest of the day.


(Add $5 for second pup in same home)

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Extended Sitting

Regular visits not long enough? One of our sitters can stay in your home for an extended time during regular visiting hours (8 AM - 8 PM), keeping your pet and your home safe while you're away.

$48 for the first hour + $35 for each additional hour

pet taxi

​We will safely drop off or pick up your pet to/from any facility within 15 miles of your home. ​Any waiting time will be charged at the standard Drop-In rate.

$16 + $0.50 per Mile

Trips longer than 20 minutes will incur an extra charge.


our service area

If we could fit all Orlando pets in our daily schedules, we would! But in order to make sure we can meet all our clients in a timely manner, we must keep our service range tight. Right now we can meet most clients in the area highlighted on the map below. However, exceptions can be made in some circumstances! Let us know where you're located, and we'll tell you if we can fit you in our route. If you are located outside of our range, we may need to charge $0.50 per round trip mile to help cover our travel costs.

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Pet Training

Your pet is a unique individual and deserves enrichment in ways that are fulfilling to them. Think outside the walk or regular visit, and we'll work one-on-one with you and your pet to get them the fulfillment they need!

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agility training

Your dog is so smart! Give them a chance to really exercise their brain and use all their muscles while our trainer teaches them some basic agility training. This is an amazing way to really fulfill your dog, leaving them more likely to be quiet and well behaved while they’re home with you. This can be done in your own backyard, or our trainer can take them to the dog park with our mobile agility set! 

60 Minutes


Disk Dog

Does your dog need more than a walk, but maybe not as advanced as agility? Try disk dog!

Our trainer Chris will teach your dog cool frisbee tricks and get them jumping and leaping in this high-energy and fun sport.

40 Minutes


a la carte sessions

Guided Training Session (Dog, Parent, and Trainer)

$110 per one-hour session

Solo Training Session (Dog and Trainer only)

$70 per one-hour session

$50 per half-hour session

Recurring Solo Training Sessions

(Dog and Trainer only)

$45 per half-hour session weekly


basic obedience

Basic behavior training for any age! Chris will work with you in your home to help set you and your pup up for success. The exact lesson plan content will depend on the age and development level of the dog. A start-up kit with tools for you and your dog are included!

6 weeks

One Guided Session per week



to Get Started with Dog Training!

basic grooming

If your pup could use some simple freshening up, but you don’t want to take them to the salon, ​let us come to you! **We do not offer advanced grooming, such as cuts, trims, blow-outs, etc. For full grooming services, we will happily recommend other local grooming companies.

Brush, Bath, Dry & Ear Cleaning:

$28-$38 depending on breed

Nail Trim: $17

Teeth Cleaning: $12

*If two team members need to visit, we will need to charge an additional $10.

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Stay Tuned for Cat Services

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Poop Scooping & Sanitization

Keeping your yard, shared dog spaces, and cat litter boxes clean are important to your pets' and community's health! Our team is equipped to help you keep your space healthy and clean!

Weekly Yard Scooping

$15-20 per visit

  • Thorough waste & hazard removal

  • Alerts to potential health concerns based on waste consistency

  • Frequency discounts available

Commercial Waste Cleaning

*Call to schedule a free meeting for an estimate*

  • Thorough waste & hazard removal

  • Poop Station waste removal and maintenance

  • Frequency discounts available

Litter Box Sanitization

$20 - $30 per visit

  • Complete litter change-out

  • Litter box scrubbed and cleaned with pet-safe materials

  • Alerts to potential health concerns based on waste consistency

  • Sweep & vacuuming of litter area

  • Frequency discounts available

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want to book on a holiday?

Add $2 per Visit

Thanksgiving Week

Christmas/Hanukkah Week

New Years Week

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