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How can we serve you?

Each service comes with a detailed custom report with GPS and time tracking, thorough notes, and pictures sent directly to your phone and/or email.

Pet Walking & Sitting

Ask about our Member Rates! When you book three or more visits a week, or weekly recurring longer services,​ you'll qualify for our discounted member rate at $10 per 15 minutes! Ready to book with us? Contact Us


visits & walks

We will make sure your pet has all the food, water, and attention needed! We'll ensure your pet's health and safety while they play or walk for the duration of your request. These can be booked in any combination of 15 minute increments. (If care is needed for more than 2 hours, adjusted rates can be negotiated.)

$11 per Fifteen Minutes

+$2.50 per Fifteen Minutes per Each Additional Pet

overnight house-sitting

(Elizabeth Only)

Our house-sitter will stay with your pet in your home overnight and ​make sure they get all the attention and exercise they need. You'll be able to truly relax knowing your pet is getting the royal treatment and your home is safe while you're away!

$70 per night (roughly 6 PM to 8 AM)

+$10 if more than one pet

Overnight includes evening/morning walks and feedings in addition to the sitter staying overnight. Any additional visits needed outside overnight hours are an additional cost.

happy pack play date

We’ll pair your pup with some of their best pals at Happy Tails and take them to Lake Druid Park to run and play for half an hour! With two Happy Tails team members present, they’ll be able to stay safe and really have fun in the park. They’ll come home tuckered out and fulfilled, leaving you to be able to focus on your work for the rest of the day.


(Add $5 for second pup in same home)

pet taxi

​We will safely drop off or pick up your pet to/from any facility within 15 miles of your home. ​Any waiting time will be charged at the standard Drop-In rate.

$11 per Fifteen Minutes + $0.50 per Mile

+$2.50 per Fifteen Minutes per Each Additional Pet

puppy field trip

Our sitter will take your pup on a special Field Trip to tour scents and sights all around Orlando!

This is a GREAT option for pups who could benefit from getting enrichment and practice in public spaces for a few hours.

We'll plan with you to include 1 to 4 of the following attractions:

Hike on a Trail

Cafe Treat

Trip to the Pet Store

Meet the Pack (Play Date)

Starting at $85 for a Two-Hour Trip

(Shorter or longer packages can also be arranged)

Add-On Experiences can include:

A Swim at Rocky's Retreat

Birthday Celebration at Eola Pets

Agility Training with Chris

Personalized Paw Print Art with Ruth and Elizabeth

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our service area

If we could fit all Orlando pets in our daily schedules, we would! But in order to make sure we can meet all our clients in a timely manner, we must keep our service range tight. Right now we can meet most clients in the area highlighted on the map below. However, exceptions can be made in some circumstances! Let us know where you're located, and we'll tell you if we can fit you in our route. If you are located outside of our range, we may need to charge $0.50 per round trip mile to help cover our travel costs.

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Pet Training & Grooming

Work with Chris Lopez, our Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer, to put together an individualized training program for your dog. You and your dog will receive undivided attention from Chris. Ready to book training with us? Fill out this form here.

You will be a great fit with us and find success in your training journey if you are willing to:

  • Learn about your pet’s body language, and pay attention to it.

  • Make adjustments to your environment to set your pet up for success.

  • Use positive rewards including food, treats, and play, understanding that it helps you build your relationship with them while they are learning, and can be weaned off treats as they grow with time.

  • Work at your pet’s individual pace, no matter how slow or fast.

  • Adjust your schedule to work on our recommendations regularly.

  • Understand it’s your responsibility as your pet’s guardian to implement our recommendations.

  • Be open to suggestions and have a desire to strengthen your bond with your pet.

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agility training

Your dog is so smart! Give them a chance to really exercise their brain and use all their muscles while Chris teaches them some basic agility training. This is an amazing way to really fulfill your dog, leaving them more likely to be quiet and well behaved while they’re home with you. This can be done in your own backyard, or Chris can take them to the dog park with his mobile agility set! 

Just add $5 to any solo training session.

basic obedience

Basic behavior training for any age!

Exact lesson plan content will depend on the age and development level of the dog.

6 weeks

One Guided Session per week


advanced obedience

High level skills for the already-trained dog.

Chris will work more in-depth with your dog on drilling higher-level skills like heel, performance, and more.

4 weeks

One Guided Session & 4 Solo Sessions per week


behavior modification

This package is for the dog that may struggle with problem behaviors like leash-pulling, excessive parking, or anxiety.

4 - 6 weeks

Mixture of Guided and Solo Sessions for First Half

All Guided Sessions for Second Half

Length and structure of the program will depend on dog's needs


skill maintenance

Once your dog has been through training, Chris can come by every week to keep their skills fresh!


1 or more Solo Session per week

$40 per session

a la carte sessions

Guided Training Session (Dog, Parent, and Trainer)

$100 per one-hour session

Solo Training Session (Dog and Trainer only)

$65 per one-hour session

$45 per half-hour session

basic grooming

If your pup could use some simple freshening up, but you don’t want to take them to the salon, ​let Elizabeth come to you! **We do not offer advanced grooming, such as cuts, trims, blow-outs, etc. For full grooming services, we will happily recommend other local grooming companies.

Brush, Bath, Dry & Ear Cleaning:

$25-$25 depending on breed

Nail Trim: $15

Teeth Cleaning: $10

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Now Open!

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Private Boarding

Let your pet enjoy their own mini vacation with our Private Boarder, Sue Rosner, in her home in Winter Garden! *This is only available for small breeds*

A Meet & Greet at Sue's home will be required ahead of time to do a temperament test, and to introduce your pet to any other pets being boarded. We will never board more than 5 animals at a time.

Sue is equipped with enrichment activities and toys, safety supplies, and multiple rooms in her home if pets ever need to be kept separate.

Day Care $40

Includes play time, walks, daytime feedings as needed, and one-on-one attention from Sue!

Overnight Boarding $70

Includes feedings, walks, play time, comfortable sleeping arrangements, and one-on-one attention from Sue!

Drop Off: 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Pick-Up: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

If you arrive outside of the agreed time frame, you will be charged a $20 fee.

*Second pet rate is $10 per day

What You Need To Provide

Pet Carrier/Crate

Harness, Collar, and Tags

Food (Pack enough for the entire trip!)

Medication (Include any special instructions if needed!)


You are welcome to also provide bedding, dishes, or favorite toys as well.

All items will be returned to you at Pick-Up.

Additional Requirements

Documentation of the following up-to-date vaccines:

Canine Influenza





Dogs & Cats over 8 Months Old must be Spayed or Neutured

*Pick-Up & Drop-Off can be provided by a Happy Tails Team Member, for an additional cost. Please refer to Pet Taxi for pricing.

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want to book on a holiday?

Add $5 per Day of Service During Holiday Dates

Add $10 per Night for Overnight House-Sitting

Labor Day Weekend (September 4th - 6th)

Thanksgiving Week (November 21st - 27th)

Winter Holidays (December 19th - January 2nd)

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