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Each service comes with a detailed custom report with GPS and time tracking, thorough notes, and pictures sent directly to you via our app!

Meeting your and your pets needs

Your pet is a unique individual and deserves enrichment in ways that are fulfilling to them. We'll work one-on-one with you and your pet to get them the fulfillment they need!

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Walks & Visits

We will make sure your pet has all the food, water, and attention needed! We'll ensure your pet's health and safety while they play or walk for the duration of your request. The length of the visit will depend on how many pets you have and the level of care required.

Short (20 mins) - $18

Medium (40 mins) - $34

Long (60 mins) - $49

Walks & Visits

Sometimes a walk around the block just isn't enough for your pup to get that chance for enrichment they need. A trail walk or a trip to a new place can really be a fulfilling way for your pup to get good physical AND mental exercise during the day!

Short (20 mins) - $19

Medium (40 mins) - $35

Long (60 mins) - $50


Play Dates

We’ll pair your pup with some of their best pals at Happy Tails and take them to Lake Druid Park to run and play! With two Happy Tails team members present, they’ll be able to stay safe and really have fun in the park. They’ll come home tuckered out and fulfilled, leaving you to be able to focus on your work for the rest of the day.

$34 - Outing is One Hour

(Add $10 for second pup in same home)

Pack Adventure

This is like the play date, but a little longer and intentional! We start with a trail walk and practice walking well with a group, the pups get time to explore and see new things, then we finish with some play time. This is an excellent way to incorporate healthy, intentional and safe socialization for your pup!

$40 - Outing is One to Two Hours

(Add $10 for second pup in same home)

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Trail Walks & Field Trips
Pack Walks & Play Dates
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Some breeds are just meant to do more than your average walk or adventure! That's where skill training comes in. Our trainers can provide high-energy sports activities that your dog will love not only physically, but mentally, leaving them fulfilled and ready to relax! All training is done at your home or in a nearby park.

Disk Dog - $40 per session

Recreational Agility - $50 per session

Sports & Skill Training
Behavior Solving Visits

This service is here to help you with the small things that may be causing you or your pets stress. Does your pet struggle with car rides? Or jumping on visitors? Our trainers and team can put together a simple plan where we work on that particular issue at each visit during the week, and keep you updated on their progress, making your life with your pet that much more relaxed.

Add $5 to any scheduled visit

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Private Classes

Basic behavior training for any age! Our trainer will work with you in your home to help set you and your pup up for success. The exact lesson plan content will depend on the age and development level of the dog. A start-up kit with tools for you and your dog are included!

$110 per 1-hour class
Each class comes with materials to help you continue your training. Between each class you have continued support from your trainer via chat/phone so that you can get feedback as you practice what you're learning!

Group Classes

Join our meetup group for our schedule of classes and social events for you and your dog!

Bring your dog to a group class to enjoy learning every day skills and connect with your community!

Click on the flyer to learn about our newest class:

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Interested in Private Training?
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want to book on a holiday?

Add $2 per Visit

Thanksgiving Week

Christmas/Hanukkah Week

New Years Week

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